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Short stay 

Your hosts :

Gerard, born in the Bigorre county, attached to his "county" and Epicurean at heart , loves the local cuisine and even more to help you discover it.

It is continuing the family culinary traditions daily in the development of regional dishes. No doubt you will love his table and his jovial and generous character .

Yvette, Lyonnaise at  birth and Lourdais of adoption , she shares the same passion for cooking and brings its regional key. She likes to receive and put at ease with her friendliness . You will be sensitive to her little touches and smile

The Bigourd'in

The house : 1784 farm

The house which welcomes you today was built in 1784 in the village of d’ESCOUBES-POUTS a few kilometres from Lourdes.


Some of its village history is sutmited to you in « Monographie de la commune d'Escoubès » completed on the 14 of April 1887 by the teacher Mr Vaque. This monograph, which is kept in the departementale  archive , can be consulted by clicking here

This house constitute of the main building called « Bigourdane» (traditionel dwelling of the Pays de Bigorre which you can find in most of the Hautes-Pyrenees’s villages) for the animals and of an attic for the storing of the hay.

At its origin, it is a square closed farm with the main intrance opening on the Bagneres road and the animals exist was done through the porch situated on the Arrayou road

Still present some of the vestiges bear witness to this provision ) . The barn , the barn and some outbuildings were destroyed around the year 1950. Today of this square there is only "L" that we have carefully laid out. You can see for yourself on the site


We have no details about the life of this farm’s origins to the late 19th century and early 20th century when it experienced a strong agricultural activity.

Home alone " electrified " at the time, it was equipped with an electric winch and clamps able to mount the hay in the bakery (see photos attached). These clamps mounted on a rail attached to the ridge of the barn, circulated throughout the attic to remove the hay. It is likely that this was the time she was called " Las Perches ."


In the local dialect, the term referred to a long wooden pole that is fixed at one end on the hay wagon. The other end attached to a rope to a winch which was stretched to the limit to avoid the hay falling from the wagon. The assimilation of the place by his baptismal name confirms the strong agricultural activity turned on livestock and the need to have important fodder to feed the animals.


The collective memory of sages Escoubès also gives this home a hosting vocation. It could serve as a relay during the 18th century for people traveling from Lourdes to BAGNERES DE BIGORRE . The presence of stone sink on the 1st floor of the house tends to corroborate these claims . Indeed , it is quite rare to find stone sinks in bigourdanes floors , the kitchen is the only room to be equipped (only the very rich homes or places for accommodation were provided on the floor) .dropoff window This sink could serve as a point of water for travelers who took pension for the night. It found his first vocation and you will have the pleasure to admire it in the bathroom of the room " Kendari " the 1st floor.

We are happy to have caught up with the past and make this remains its hospitality vocation and accommodation for our pleasure and yours we hope from the heart.

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